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05:34 AM | Thu, 08 Dec 2016

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Press Release on Slow down at Omax Autos fatal for all

850 Days ago

"Slow down at Omax Autos, fatal for all”
​​Since last few months ​Omax ha ​s​ been witnessing manufacturing companies across Gurgaon till D​h​aruhera belt going through labour disturbance issues, which has proved to be fatal for the management, its employees & development of the surrounding areas.

Despite various efforts of Omax Autos to communicate, discuss & negotiate with its Union to work on reasonable & fair long term settlement, slowdown which is an illegal practice has been happening since first week of August 2014.This act is not of a responsible union, as

​the management of Omax strongly feel ​s that​ unions work together with their companies like many good unions of big OEMS across this belt have been performing wonderfully, have taken such logical actions keeping in view betterment of  the company, workforce and even progress of the nation. Unions work together with the company to build a strategically growth path for betterment of all.

As per Mr.Suresh Sharma, A.V.P Operations Dharuhera, “In spite of all our efforts to improve the overall condition of the Omax Dharuhera which has been witnessing various challenges in terms of reduced share of business, low productivity & inflation, but still we have undergone production as low as 50% due to unions irresponsible action ”.We have been continuously sharing our current low financial condition with Union, workforce & trying to negotiate an effective LTS for both the union & management, but from last week their actions have brought down productivity levels upto 40 - 50 %, resulting in slowdown.

Omax is open to give cost neutral LTS in a good and positive atmosphere for betterment of all, but we expect union to support us by not disturbing production & customer delivery at any cost. Every second of this slowdown is affecting Omax very badly & the tentative production loss is coming around Rs.40 lacs/day & above all we are losing customer credibility & trust. Effective unions always ensure productivity & customer never suffers but for us our own actions are letting us down. 

We have been doing manufacturing excellence programs through CII to improve productivity skills of our workforce, where also we are continuously facing resistance from work union. Management has been very transparent to show its financial health and business prospects in next 3\5 years. Omax has been maintaining the best industrial practices & paying good scale of wages to all and still today we are suffering slowdown issues and huge losses due to one sided demands of Unions in the industry, which is not in favour of Omax.

Omax aims at closing an effective cost neutral LTS & to ensure no customer line should be stopped in any circumstance & we hope to close this very soon.

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