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Fire Guard for Every Indian - AQUAFIRE

Business Wire India
FIRE - blessing or a curse on mankind. Though fire is the most important invention of mankind but when unchecked, it can also be the biggest curse. More than 25000 lives are lost and property worth more 1 Lakh crore is damaged every year due to fire accidents in India. A simple portable fire extinguisher is all that is needed to check and extinguish the fire in its incipient stage. People are well aware of it but they don't buy fire extinguishers due to issues like high cost, maintenance and confusion over from where and which type of extinguisher to buy. To help the consumers to overcome these problems, Kansi Technovation Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a very innovative and affordable fire extinguisher Fire1on1 - AQUAFIRE.
Conventional heavy red fire extinguishers are complicated to operate, moreover, training is required to operate them. During the course of a fire hazard, a complicated looking fire extinguisher is of no help. Whereas Fire1on1 - AQUAFIRE is a unique fire extinguisher that is very light in weight and easy to use. Not only is it very affordable, it can be refilled easily after use. It has a life of 5 years and no maintenance is required.
Some of the highlighted features of Fire1on1 - AQUAFIRE are as below:

  • It is a very affordable fire extinguisher that can be bought at a mere price of Rs. 500 only.
  • The fire extinguisher can be used in any type of fire, be it A, B, OR C class.
  • The best part about this fire extinguisher is that it can be used multiple times and can be refilled very easily. The company offers a new fire extinguisher in replacement of the used one at a very affordable replacement cost of Rs. 200 only.
  • AQUAFIRE uses wet chemical extinguishing agents, that are completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. In other words, humans, animals, and the environment won’t be harmed at any cost.
  • AQUAFIRE is easily available. You may find it in any retail outlet like Departmental stores, Car accessories shops, petrol pumps, etc. Not only this but AQUAFIRE is available online as well, the user can simply order it from
  • Safe and easy to use by children and the elderly
  • Zero Maintenance cost
The MD of the company Mr. Kavinder Khurana says "In our country fire extinguishers are purchased only by those people who need to comply with fire department's norms to get the NOC. People generally do not want to spend high cost to protect their home and family from fire, even if they want to, they do not know which product to buy and from where. Therefore after thorough analysis and research, we have invented Fire1on1 - AQUAFIRE. This product can be used by anyone, of any age, to fight the fire at a very affordable price. Our aim is to equip every car, home and office with such a handy FIRE GUARD”

It will not be wrong to say that when it comes to innovation of fire safety devices, Kansi Technovation Pvt. Ltd. is breaking all barriers. In 2014 they invented "AUTOMATIC and PORTABLE FIRE Extinguisher" which has been widely accepted in the various sectors. The government also endorsed their product and it has been installed at more than 1 lac locations in public and private sector. This new invention of Fire1on1 - AQUAFIRE is definitely going to make cars and homes fire safe in India. Buy AQUAFIRE today to ensure safety of your family and property. For more details, you can visit or order it online on